Habits That Lead to Implant Failure

When you take steps to improve the function and appearance of your smile through dental implants, you’ll want your investment to last a while. Although choosing the right dentist for your procedure, as well as the right implant material, can make a big difference in how long your implants last, there are also some daily bad habits that could lead to the implant failing.

Habits That Lead to Implant Failure

Habits That May Lead to Dental Implant Failure

Aside from having the procedure done properly, here are some habits you should avoid if you want to ensure your dental implants last.


The tar and other carcinogens in tobacco products can lead to gum disease and bone loss — often requiring more work to be done to prepare your jaw for implants in the first place.

Once you have dental implants, you’ll want to avoid smoking or using tobacco products because this puts your dental implant at risk of failing.

Poor Dental Hygiene

While you should practice good oral hygiene to begin with, it’s even more important when you have dental implants. A lack of regular brushing and flossing could lead to gum disease, which could, in turn, affect the stability of your implant.

Skipping Follow-Ups

When you get dental implants, you are receiving oral surgery. And just like any other surgery, you need to schedule and keep follow-up appointments to ensure your implant is fusing properly to your jaw and healing well. If you skip these appointments, your dentist won’t be able to spot any potential problems and the implant could fail.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth is bad enough to begin with, as it wears down your enamel and can lead to more serious dental problems. If you grind your teeth when you have implants, you can wear them down as well or you will loosen your dental implant.

How Do I Prevent Implant Failure?

Once you have dental implants, avoiding the aforementioned habits can help preserve your investment. However, it’s also important to choose a dentist that uses the most advanced technology and best implant material possible so you’re set up for success from the beginning.

At Radiance Dentistry, we use XircOn™ which is one of the most anticipated dental science advances in the past decade. This amazing material offers:

  • The closest look and feel to real teeth

  • A gentler bite than traditional ceramic materials

  • A more chip and stain-resistant appearance

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