Pre-Op Dental Surgery Instructions

The team at Radiance Dentistry believes in offering patients the information they need to ensure successful dental treatments. When dentists work with their patients, that’s when ideal outcomes occur. This focus on patients and their wellness is what makes us a leader in advanced dental care in the Irving area.

Proper patient care is important for the pre-op and post-op care of dental implants surgery. We would like to focus on some basic pre-op instructions prior to oral surgery. More detailed instructions will be provided to patients during the consultation process.

Pre-Op Dental Surgery Instructions

Avoid Smoking and Tobacco Products

It should come as no surprise that smoking and the use of tobacco products is bad for you. Tobacco products will increase your risk of lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. In addition, tobacco products heighten your risk for infection and slow down your body’s healing ability. In the weeks leading into surgery, patients are asked to avoid using tobacco products. This is requested after surgery as well to prevent complications.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

People having a drink every now and then is usually fine. Yet when surgery is on the horizon, you may want to rethink that little drink with dinner. Alcohol can lead to problems with healing and general wellness. Like tobacco products, avoid alcoholic beverages both before and after your oral surgery to ensure proper healing.

Fill Prescriptions Ahead of Time

Many patients have prescribed pain relievers and sometimes other types of medication as part of the recovery from oral surgery. Rather than waiting for the last minute, be sure to pick up those items ahead of time. This will make sure you are ready for the healing process and not so stressed out about it.

Avoid Taking Certain Medications

Blood thinners and even some over-the-counter medications can make healing a bit more difficult after surgery. In the week or weeks leading into oral surgery, you may be asked to stop taking certain kinds of drugs. This will last for a bit after your oral surgery as well.

Arrange for Transportation After Oral Surgery

When someone undergoes sedation and receives anesthetic during oral surgery, they are in no fit state to operate a vehicle. Be sure to have someone with you during your procedure, and that you have some mode of transportation available for when the procedure is completed.

Run Errands and Purchase Groceries

In the days leading into your oral surgery, it’s a good idea to tidy up around your home, do laundry, and buy groceries. Taking care of these simple day-to-day errands leading into oral surgery will allow you to focus on recovery in the days after the procedure.

The Night Before Surgery: What to Expect

Patients are often asked to avoid eating or drinking anything at least six hours before their oral surgery. This includes water. Be sure to have dinner and a good night’s sleep before your surgery, and to hydrate properly.

The Day of Surgery: What to Expect

On the day of your oral surgery, remember to avoid foods and beverages for six hours prior to the procedure. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to the practice. Be sure to avoid wearing makeup, jewelry, perfumes, and colognes going into the procedure. You should be in a relaxed and easygoing state.

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