Chemotherapy and Dental Implants

If you receive a cancer diagnosis from your doctor, one of the most common treatment modalities they may suggest is chemotherapy. Though this option is beneficial in order to address your cancer, it can present potential problems to your oral health, including the potential for dental implant failure.

Here is what you should know when it comes to chemotherapy and your dental implants.

Chemotherapy and Dental Implants

Chemotherapy can Affect Bone Density

Chemotherapy may cause osteoporosis that can decrease bone mineral density in your jaw. Patients that are taking IV Bisphosphonates through chemotherapy are more at risk to develop osteoporosis in their jaw. “However, dental implants can be placed and managed with predictable prognosis in osteoporosis patients under oral Bisphosphonates”. As a result, bone density plays an important rule in placing your implants. If the bone is not strong or dense enough, the implant will not be able to fuse and heal properly, leading to failure.

Chemotherapy can affect your bone structure, often making the bone itself weak. Even if your jaw bone has grown back after you receive chemotherapy, it may still have less density and be unable to properly hold an implant.

Chemotherapy Affects the Immune System

Another problem that chemotherapy presents is its effect on a person’s immune system. In order to fight your cancer, your immune system can change, and you can be more susceptible to certain infections.

If you receive dental implants too soon after receiving chemotherapy, in the off-chance the implant gets infected, your body may not be able to fight the infection as easily and the implant could fail.

How to Proceed with Implants After Receiving Chemotherapy

Since everyone reacts differently to chemotherapy and cancer treatment, it’s important to speak to both your oncologist and your dentist in order to determine if (and when) you are a good candidate for dental implants. In some cases, you may have to wait to receive them or you may not be a good candidate at all.

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