Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting Dental Implants

Many people delay having dental implants for two main reasons: expense and fear. People are worried about the price of the procedures, as they can be expensive, and others delay them because of fear of surgery and recovery time. Both are viable reasons and feelings, but it’s important to aware of the possible complications.

Waiting to get a procedure done puts you and your teeth at more risk. Our teeth are always moving to adjust to the space it has, and the longer you wait, the worse your teeth positions will be. Postponing implant surgery is also something to avoid at all costs. The longer a decayed tooth stays in your mouth, the more likely it is to affect the adjacent tooth.

The improvement in the techniques we have nowadays and the extensive training of our doctors at Radiance Dentistry make everything easier and more predictable for our patients. The less you wait, the more simple, less expensive, and of course less trauma you may have with the procedures.

Delaying Tooth Extraction Complications

Often, when people wait to get implants, what could have been a single extraction is now a multiple-tooth extraction. This once again, will be a more painful, lengthy, and expensive surgery than had you come in sooner. If a tooth is missing for as little as 12 months with no implant put in its place, a bone loss is likely to occur and the need for other procedures like sinus lift or bone graft will arise .

Teeth that surround the gap are also likely to shift if the gap is not dealt with. In the case that back molars are missing, teeth are likely to tilt in at diagonals. This shifting will once again cost more money as orthodontia is the only way to fix this problem.

Save Yourself the Time & Money

Getting dental implants immediately will ultimately help you save on your expenses. If you are still on the fence, schedule a free consultation with our trusted team! Our goal is to help our patients achieve the smiles they’ve always dreamed of, so come on in! You could be next.

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