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Timeline for Dental Implant Treatment in Irving

What to Expect from the Treatment Process

Dental implant treatment is the most effective method of replacing missing teeth, offering a life-long solution. Even though the actual procedure is usually done in less than an hour, treatment does involve a series of structured steps, and it will take several months to fully restore your missing teeth.

Our founder and lead clinician, Dr. Mounir Iskandar, is a highly skilled surgical prosthodontist and a certified Implantologist. He is able to complete all the treatment required here at Radiance Dentistry, Dental Implant Center, and is surrounded by a team that is specially trained in the field of dental implant solutions. This means there are no referrals, having to wait on multiple schedules, or miscommunication. Plus, it saves you time and money.

To help you understand dental implant treatment a little more clearly, we’ve provided a timeline outlining the five major stages of implant treatment in Irving.

These five stages include:

  • Initial consultation
  • In-depth assessment
  • Placement surgery
  • Healing period
  • Attachment of restoration

Every case is unique, but this is a general outline of what you can expect when you choose Radiance Dentistry for your dental implants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Call us at (972) 866-7976 or contact us online with any questions or to schedule your first consultation.

Initial Consultation

The treatment process begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Iskandar. During this appointment, he will evaluate your suitability for treatment and discuss your general and dental health with you, as this could affect the treatment provided and the possible outcome. You will discover which treatments could help you the most, as well as any additional services that might be required, such as bone grafting or sinus lifts.

We know an important part of this consultation is to discover the cost of your dental implant treatment. Because there are never any hidden fees, we provide a detailed treatment plan that you can have confidence in. We generally find that patients have many questions about dental implant treatment, so please ask Dr. Iskandar or any member of our friendly dental team and don’t feel like there is any question that is embarrassing to ask. We want you to feel confident about every part of the entire process, so don’t be shy.

In-Depth Assessment

Now that you have decided to put your trust in Radiance, your next steps will include having some advanced diagnostic tests for treatment to be accurately planned. These tests include a CT scan, Planmeca ProFace Facial Mapping, and any additional chair-side analysis. Your CT scan is particularly important, providing Dr. Iskandar with highly detailed 3-D images of your jawbone, which will allow him to assess the amount of available bone for implants and to plan the exact placement of each dental implant.

If you do not have sufficient bone for dental implants, you may need to have a bone graft or sinus lift. These procedures are generally carried out prior to implant placement, but if a minimal amount of bone is required then it may be possible to place it at the same time as the dental implant. If you do require a bone graft or sinus lift, it’s certainly nothing to be concerned about as these are straightforward procedures. However, your bone graft will need time to heal and to integrate with your existing bone. Generally, a bone graft will take at least six months to fully heal and to become strong enough for implant placement.


We know some people are nervous about the idea of implant surgery, but Dr. Iskandar will ensure you have plenty of comfort so the process is performed with the least amount of discomfort possible. Our dental team is highly experienced and will help you feel calm and comfortable. If you feel particularly worried about treatment, we can discuss the use of sedation dentistry to remove any anxieties and to help you fully relax during treatment. Options for additional sedation include nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV-sedation.

Your dental implants are surgically placed into your jawbone through small incisions into your gums. The procedure to place a single dental implant only takes around an hour, while multiple dental implants will take a little longer. Once surgery is completed, we can provide any temporary restorations if required. These temporary teeth can be used during the healing period and until your new implant teeth are ready to be fitted.

Healing Period

After surgery is completed, Dr. Iskandar will give you detailed instructions on how to look after the surgery site, especially during the initial healing period. We will probably need to see you a week or so after surgery just to monitor your progress, but of course, we are always here to help you if you encounter any problems or are concerned in any way. Most people are surprised at how comfortable they feel after the anesthetic has worn off.

Once your implants have been inserted, they need time to bond with the surrounding bone during a process called osseointegration. Implant posts are often specially treated with bioactive coatings to help encourage the growth of new bone cells. As bone cells grow on and around the post, it will become fused into the jawbone and cannot move. Osseointegration takes between three and six months to complete, after which time you can return to our dental office for your new teeth to be made and fitted.

Attachment of Restoration

Once healing is complete, Dr. Iskandar will attach the abutment to your dental implant. The abutment protrudes above the gum line and is used to support your replacement crown, implant supported bridge, or denture. A detailed dental impression is taken and is used to fabricate your new implant restoration. It can be fitted at your next visit, completing treatment.

This is just an overview of treatment, and you’ll discover much more during your initial consultation with Dr. Iskandar.Schedule yours today by calling (972) 866-7976.

  • Certified Implantologist

    Our Doctor is at the forefront of leading technology as well as the head professor at Texas Institute of Oral Implantology.

  • On-Site Lab

    Our Radiance technicians have an average of 20+ years experience while also staying updated on the latest technology.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    State-of-the-art CT Scan and Face Mapping Technology to plan a perfect smile.

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