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Do the Dental Implants Feel Natural?

Natural Looking Dental Implant Information from Our Irving Prosthodontist Serving Dallas

Lots of people will lose a single tooth perhaps to injury or tooth decay, or because of failed root canal therapy. Whatever the reason, even missing a single tooth can be detrimental to your dental health. It can allow your existing teeth to drift out of place, affecting the stability of these teeth and your bite. This is why it’s always better to think about ways of replacing a missing tooth as soon as you can. One of the best and most long-lasting methods of replacing a single tooth is to use an implant-supported crown.

With an implant-supported crown, there is no need for your dentist to cut down the teeth adjacent to the gap. Instead, the crown is supported by the implant post, which ensures the teeth adjacent to the gap cannot move or shift out of position. Your implant crown will look as if it is emerging from your gums exactly like a natural tooth. Dr. Mounir Iskandar will work closely with our dental laboratory to ensure your implant crown looks incredibly natural, making it virtually impossible for anyone to ever know you lost a tooth.

One of the best things about using an implant-supported crown is its effect on your jawbone. The implant post will prevent jawbone loss, which is extremely important for dental health. This is the only treatment that can do this.

Dental implants are so similar to natural tooth roots that they help prevent bone loss. Implant-supported teeth feel strong and stable, and mealtimes and socializing with others becomes a pleasure once more. With the correct dental care, dental implants may last for life. Initially, treatment may cost a little more, but the long-term benefits can be immeasurable. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.

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