FAQs: All-On-4-6®

FAQs: XircOn® in Irving, TX FAQs

Q: How many appointments are required for XircOn® 4-6 Ultra?

A: After your free initial consultation, there are as few as five to six appointments in the XircOn 4-6® Ultra Process.

Q: How many different offices will I need to visit?

A: One. All of your XircOn 4-6® Ultra appointments are in the same dental office.

Q: What is the procedure process for XircOn Ultra 4-6?

A: This procedure is typically performed under IV sedation by our anesthesiologist. We will then start the surgery by preparing the jaw bone and inserting all dental implants into the pre-planned positions. The next step is to attach your temporary teeth that will be used while the implants heal. Once the implants are in place, they will need time to fuse or osseointegrate with the surrounding bone. This normally takes three to four months. Once healing is complete, you can return to Radiance Dentistry to receive your beautiful new teeth.

Q: How often do patients need bone grafting to support the dental implants?

A: After your Free Initial Consultation, there are as few as Five to Six appointments in the XircOn 4-6® Ultra Process.We typically use four to six implants, but an exact number of implants will be determined after the consultation appointment.

Q: How many dental implants will support my full-arch bridge?

A: We typically use four to six implants, but an exact number of implants will be determined after the consultation appointment.

Q: How long will I be without teeth?

A:With XircOn 4-6® Ultra, your extractions and implants as well as your customized lab, fabricated temporary bridge are done on the same day. You will never leave the office without your new smile.

Q:How soon until I get my final bridge?

A:Implants need 3-5 months to heal before starting the final XircOn 4-6® Ultra bridge. The final bridge needs 3 to 4 visits within a 2-month span to be completed. So typically it takes around 5-7 months from start to finish. But during all this time, we always make sure that you are wearing a very comfortable and beautiful provisional bridge until the final XircOn 4-6® Ultra bridge is ready.

Q:What materials are used in making my bridge?

A:XircOn 4-6® Ultra final bridge is custom milled from a XircOn®Ultra hybrid ceramic material. Then our expert technicians will hand-craft the milled bridge to your unique smile specifications and natural looking color shades.

Q:Will the XircOn Ultra 4-6 look and feel natural?

A:XircOn Ultra translucency offers true transparency and blends seamlessly with the colors of surrounding teeth. Not only do they look more natural, but they also sound more natural as the material is equal parts forgiving and durable. XircOn Ultra is also 70% lighter than zirconia and is less rigid, meaning it doesn’t transfer the same kind of stress to the jawline.

Q:How long is my bridge going to last?

A:What is the chance that my bridge will chip, crack or break and need to be replaced? XircOn 4-6® Ultra is designed to last a lifetime. The built-in elasticity of XircOn® Ultra material makes it extremely resistant to fracture and chipping. XircOn® Ultra has a wear resistance to chewing and grinding like our natural teeth enamel.

Q:Will my bridge ever become discolored or attract and retain odors, plaque, and harmful bacteria?

A:XircOn 4-6® Ultra has a highly smoothed polished non-porous surface, so it is highly resistant to stain, discoloration, odors, and plaque. You care for this bridge just like natural teeth. Other bridge materials, such as acrylics with denture teeth, attract both stains and odors.

Q:What’s the chance that I will develop an infection under my bridge?

A:Infections are caused by bacteria. The fact that XircOn 4-6® Ultra does not attract plaque and harmful bacteria means there is minimal risk of developing an infection caused by the bridge.

Q:Am I a good candidate for Xircon Ultra 4-6?

A:A consultation with Dr. Mounir Iskandar can determine if the XircOn Ultra 4-6 is the right solution for your dental needs. It’s well worth investigating this option if you have previously thought about dental implants only to be informed you need a bone graft or multiple dental implants, rendering treatment too expensive. XircOn Ultra 4-6 can be a much more valuable option.

Q:How to care for your Xircon Ultra 4-6 post-procedure?

A:The most important step is to practice and maintain good oral hygiene. Gently brush your teeth twice per day and use a Water Pik (water flosser) for those hard to reach areas. The water flosser will help remove trapped food, debris, and bacteria.