After the life long struggle with dental problems, I got to the point when partial fixes and cosmetic touchups were not viable any more. The option recommended by doctors I consulted was full mouth restoration. I was terrified and mentally not ready for such major procedure.
I got into Radiance Dentistry Clinic and met Dr. Iskandar. Dr. Iskandar in very professional and comforting way, walked me through the whole treatment. Frank explained other aspects of the process. The doctor's staff was courteous, attentive and accommodating. The lab - top-notch technology. The office - impeccable. My overall experience was very positive and I decided to choose Dr. Iskandar and Radiance Dentistry to resolve my dental problems.
The surgery went smoothly, the healing process, regularly monitored by Dr. Iskandar, was bringing more comfort every day. After several months I can enjoy my new bright teeth and wide smile.
I highly recommend Radiance Dentistry and Dr. Iskandar for professional excellency, exquisite customer service and advanced technology.
Many thanks to Dr. Iskandar, Dr. Retana and all members of the office staff.

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I can’t even began to explain how great this place is! I was extremely fortunate to become a part of the Radiance family. The work is amazing, beautiful! His staff definitely know what they are doing! You will know or meet every single person there! Idk about you, but have you ever experienced a Dr’s anger because his staff simply just didn’t know??? I have too, many times! But I did NOT once witness this, in fact the Dr took time to VERY calmly teach, shoot I even learned... now just wait....wait until final product is in- watch the staff 🤣 I can’t tell who was more excited, me or them! Such a joy! I wished I lived closer because I truly believe I’d go in every day so I could be around all the happiness, I know I would have a start to a great day everyday! Shoot if they would give me a job, I’d definitely move closer! Dr. Iskandar, Dr. Ratana, Isabel and Frank and EVERYONE, Thank you! You gave me life and hope back, I will forever be grateful! Beautifully done and one happy patient! Much love and God Bless!

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I was extremely nervous when I arrived, but Dr. Iskander & his staff put me at ease. My past experiences have been that when I really liked the doctor, the staff wasn’t the same. I have to say that the doctor & his staff were both great! My procedure (3 back teeth with crowns extracted) was practically painless, & I am feeling great the day after!

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I have been coming to see Dr. Iskandar for years and absolutely love him and all of the staff!! My needs were difficult and unusual but Dr. Iskandar worked with me until I had a perfect smile. All of the staff members are wonderful and the new building is breath taking with astounding technological improvements. Five Stars all the way! Thank you to everyone at Radiance Dentistry!!

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We did extensive research on the best Dentist we could find for implants and we hit gold with Radiance Dentistry. The staff and Dr's are like none other. They go above and beyond the duty to make you comfortable. I'm glad we chose Radiance.

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I highly recommend Radiance Dentistry. I had a bridge that was my upper front teeth that failed & I went to Radiance for my dental implant surgery. Their team did a fantastic job from discussing my dental implant options, payment options, convenient appointment times. Dr. Iskandar is very professional & perfection is his goal & he will work with you until your smile is pure perfection. He totally reconstructed all my upper front teeth & 2 implants on the bottom. I have never been more happy with my smile. It was worth every single penny! ❤️❤️❤️

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Cool Breeze

FIRST CLASS SKILLS AND GOOD CHARACTER! My wife has been a patient here for about a year.. We drive circa 1400 miles round trip from New Mexico to see Dr Iskandar because he is the best. He is highly skilled, highly intelligent, and most diligent. His word is bond. Do not go anywhere else! He is cool. My wife received remarkable results. Special thanks to the most excellent lab, Liz, Laura, Frank, and all employees. Viva Radiance Dentistry. Ciao!

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After losing a crown and visiting my dentist, I realized that my 50 yr old dental work was all breaking down. I did a lot of research and visited a company based on an ad I saw, but just was not convinced. Then I went to Radiance and immediately felt at ease. Dr. Iskandar and his entire team were amazing. I had the surgery in January and am now waiting for my permanent arch. I can say, without hesitation, that this is the place to go for "all on four" restoration. They are always available for calls and questions. Many times, Dr. Iskandar himself, answers the phone if it's early in the morning before they even open. This is rather long but so is my praise for this team...they are the best at what they do.

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There’s a reason why Radiance has a 5 star reputation! I have my surgery this coming week, and I don’t feel the need to wait to place a review. I am very confident with Radiance and what they have done so far!

When I walked in, I was greeted by name with a big smile and a warm hello. For my consultation and pre-op appointment, I felt like my opinions and concerns really mattered. All of my questions were answered; and I wasn’t judged for the way my teeth looked. I have had really horrible experiences in the past, so I am always incredibly anxious when it comes to the dentist.

The dr’s at radiance specialize in implants and the whole surgical process. I can tell by Dr. Iskandar’s explanation that he definitely knows what he’s talking about, he really cares about making a difference and he is incredibly professional. I felt like he really wanted to educate me on the process and make me feel as comfortable as possible. He showed me samples of the teeth and how they have their own custom combination of material with a lifetime warranty.

For my pre op, he blew my mind away by bringing in 4 other technicians (my apologies if the term is incorrect) and they all helped pick out my smile by holding samples to my face and picking what would fit best and look natural. I am very optimistic about my up and coming procedure! I can’t wait for people to hear me when I talk and not just stare at my mouth. I also can’t wait to eat like a normal person, I am aware that the healing time and the time it takes to make the implants is 4-6 months, but that time is nothing compared to having comfortability the rest of my life!! Also I am going to be given a set of temporaries while my permanent teeth are made.

Another person I need to mention is Dr. Zia. He called me to go over any and all concerns about the anesthesia and to ask me questions to ensure everything goes as smooth as possible. He was so nice and explained everything really well!
Before I end my review, I would like to mention Frank. He is the man to talk to about the financial end of it all. We are financing my procedure and if it weren’t for Frank going above and beyond to find more places to finance this procedure, I doubt we could have done it. Not to mention that he really cares about all the patients. Everyone there makes you feel like their only patient, it’s amazing! When I leave a message or send an email Frank gets back to me so fast!

Thank you all for everything you do!! I am so excited for my fresh start at a pain free social life!!

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Its been about a year when I started my journey to see how to get a beautiful smile. I looked around at difference places, and when I came to Radiance Dentistry, the staff was very professional and nice. Dr. Iskandar explained all the issues I had, explained how the all on 6 surgery procedure would solve those issues and give me a great smile. I ended up going with Radiance Dentistry and doing the All on 6. The staff was excellent and paid close attention to detail and listened to any concerns I had. When I got done with surgery, I was a little sore but what an AMAZING smile I had. After weeks of healing and a couple follow up visits, everything was doing good. The staff were very friendly during this process and answered any questions. We had a lot of laughs...thanks for making this process so good. Dr. Iskandar and Dr. Vu always checked in on me and made sure everything was going good. My wife loves the new smile, and I feel more confident with my great smile. I just want to "Thank" everyone at Radiance Dentistry for the professionalism, laughs and taking great care of me during this process. If you thinking about this procedure I would highly recommend this great team at Radiance Dentistry to give you a Great smile!!! Thank you all Again!!!! 😁😁😁😁

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John M.

I did my homework, checked reviews, talked to patients. I made the right choice with Radiance Dentistry. Dr Iskandar and his staff are experts in their field... attentive to your needs and concerns... and make you feel as though you are their only patient. They take the time to educate you through every step of the process and make sure your comfort and ease are a main concern. 100% of each procedure, from beginning to end, is completed in the same office. And they use nothing but state of the art equipment... such as the latest 3-D CT Scanners and face mapping technology... to the full lab that creates the comfortable feeling and natural looking high quality XircOn Ultra all-on-4-6 implants. And they come with a lifetime warranty. You can’t ask for more than that. Radiance Dentistry has my sincere and thankful recommendation.

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I am over the moon with Radiance Dentistry in Las Colinas! Dr. Iskandar was absolutely amazing, The staff is very friendly and always made me feel like I am an extension of their family. Having a team of people who speak Spanish was important to me as I understand best in my native language. It had been a long time since I had anyone touch my teeth as I, like many, have been terrified of the dentist. At Radiance, I felt very calm and at ease from the first visit! Dr Iskandar did an amazing job on my dental implants, and I have gotten so many compliments about my smile now! They gave me my confidence back and helped me over come my fear of the dentist! I am confident that anyone looking for a skilled and friendly dentist will love Dr. Iskandar and his team!

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I recently had 2 dental implants with sinus lifts at Radiance Dentistry in Irving. I have to say that I was nervous about having surgery. However, the care that Dr. Iskandar and his professional staff gave me was outstanding and helped me to relax. The procedure was completely pain free. The after care was equally as excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Iskandar and I won't hesitate to recommend Radiance Dentistry to my family and friends. I'm happy to have found a practice I can trust. Thank you Dr. Iskandar and your awesome staff!

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I went to this place for the first time, and let me tell you- I felt in love with the service and their staff. I was very impressed! But let me start from the beginning. So on my way there, I was filling out the online patient forms, and a few mins later I arrived to their office. By the time I went through the front door, I was greeted by name by the front desk staff member. I was called in after only a few mins of my arrival. I was directed to one of the rooms where I got my teeth cleaned right away, and wow... just... wow! She did an awesome job! Let me tell you, I take care of my teeth and I have gone to many places and I never had a cleaning like that. Also, she had angel hands, like you could not feel a thing. Also... the chairs.... omg! I have had some bad experiences in the past, so I am always a little anxious when is time to go to the dentist, but they have chairs that give you a massage at all times while you are sitting there. That alone was a wonderful reason for me to go back. I felt very relaxed throughout the whole visit. Then the Doctor came along, and he did a great job at explaining to me what his recommendation was. So, as you can see, I am completely happy, and Radiance Dentistry has won a customer for life.

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