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Patients have become educated on dental implants over the past decade, but most do not think to ask about the material their restorative teeth are made of. Until now, there really have been only two options: acrylic hybrid and zirconia (or some form of porcelain) for implant-retained crowns (dental implants) and full-mouth restorations (All-on-4-6). However, there are problems with both options: the effect on the mouth and jaw, and the durability and function.

With confidence, we can say that the solution is finally here! XircOn Ultra is the next generation in dental restorations. A hybrid nano-ceramic that actually “bends and flexes” in the mouth.

Simply put, you finally have an option that:

  • Relieves the impact of chewing or grinding
  • Looks like beautiful, natural teeth
  • Is lightweight and feels great in the mouth
  • Is easy to keep clean and will not stain or retain odor like the others

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Why We Choose XircOn Ultra

XircOn Ultra is one of the most anticipated dental science advances in the past decade. With a combination of nano-ceramics and polymers, this is the closest material to human teeth that looks and feels more natural than any other product on the market. Used in more than a million restorations worldwide and approved by the FDA, XircOn Ultra offers a premier lifetime solution for full bridge replacement.

The Science of All-on-4® Dental Implants

Humans are born with natural shock absorbers for our teeth called periodontal ligaments. This is important because there are very few things as impactful to the body as chewing. When we lose teeth, have them removed, or decay and disease sets in, we lose that natural shock absorber.

Up until now, dentists and specialists have only had two options to work with: acrylic/hybrid and zirconia (or some form of porcelain). The problem is that neither one gives you a lasting replacement for your natural shock absorber. The transfer of chewing forces in the case of natural teeth was compensated for with the periodontal ligaments, but fixed osseointegrated implants do not provide this necessary effect. Without a shock absorber, these forces act on the implants and the bone in a very unforgiving way. That’s why older ceramic implant restorations tend to chip, crack, or break under pressure after just a few years in the mouth, and it is why some are concerned that zirconia might be less than forgiving if supported by implants.

With XircOn Ultra, the material takes the abuse and doesn’t pass the impact to the bone. It offers a gentle bite and feel while being kind to the opposing teeth, unlike traditional ceramics. At 10,000 MPa modulus of elasticity, XircOn Ultra is by far the most flexible dental ceramic in use today. At 480 MPa compressive strength (which simulates chewing forces in the mouth), XircOn Ultra is one of the most durable, aesthetic dental materials available.

Nano-hybrid ceramics are the only dental ceramics that are as flexible as both the dentin and enamel while providing strength characteristics that are significantly superior to both. Ultra flexes and will not break! XircOn Ultra is made with a perfect 70/30 blend of silanated ceramics and advanced polymers. The 30% polymer matrix gives the material its elasticity, and silanizing causes the ceramic to bond chemically to the polymers, giving the restoration its strength. If that sounds complicated, think of it as a proprietary process that uses the right materials with the right bonding techniques to give a lasting solution for dental restorations. This unique chemical bond that forms inside the XircOn Ultra material matrix allows the polymers to flex while not breaking apart from the ceramics, which makes it ideal for dental restorations – particularly implants – and bruxers (night grinding), which need to flex or respond to stress.

The Perfect Fit: Goldilocks Effect

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s about a girl who knew what she wanted and how she wanted it. She wouldn’t settle for too soft or too hard. So how does this apply to XircOn Ultra?

In the past, most full bridge hybrid restorations were made of acrylic denture materials supported by a titanium bar, commonly called an All-on-4™ when done with four implants. But acrylic is extremely soft, and within 5-7 years of placement, the percentage of repairs and failure rates is very high. For several years, dental labs have been offering highly aesthetic full bridge zirconia restorations as an everlasting alternative, but some dentists and patients complain that it feels too hard and makes a “clacky” sound with every bite.

Acrylic is too soft and zirconia is too hard, but hybrid nano-ceramic is considered a Goldilocks solution. This innovative technology is used to make monolithic full bridge restorations that are not only beautiful but feel great in the mouth, too. It is the closest material we have to the feel of natural teeth, it provides the most pleasant bite experience, and because it’s nonporous and super-stain resistant, teeth stay clean!

The Future Is Here

If it sounds like we are extremely excited about this new technology in the dental restoration marketplace, it’s because we are! This has been a long time in the making, and with over 1,000,000 restorations done worldwide, we are confident that the XircOn Ultra is the perfect solution for the perfect smile. This technology has advanced the life, look, and enjoyment of a set of new teeth, unlike any breakthrough we’ve seen in the past 50 years.

We invite you to come see what we are so excited about and learn more about how this solution has literally changed hundreds of lives.

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