Advanced Dental Technology DFW

Experience and Technology Make a Difference

At Radiance Dentistry Dental Implant Center of DFW, we are proud to utilize a variety of advanced techniques, revolutionary materials  and cutting-edge technology to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care. Our team is always on the lookout for new ways to provide faster, safer, and more accurate services than ever before.

Some of the most relevant dental technologies that we use at our state-of-the art facility:


We are awarded the X-Guide Center For Excellence by X-NAV Technologies. This technology is a revolutionary navigation guide to assist in the precision and accuracy of dental implant placement. The dynamic 3D navigation offers our team interactive guidance alongside a live, 360-degree view to ensure we can effectively implement our treatment plan.

Because we utilize this technology, our patients can have less invasive surgery, smaller incisions, less discomfort, and a faster recovery time – all in addition to an implant placed exactly where it was intended, down to the micron.

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ CBCT

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ is an imaging protocol that can provide quality images while reducing the dose of radiation by 77%. Exposure to radiation doesn’t just happen in labs and comic book origin stories – it is a part of everyday life, from your natural gas stove or microwave to flying in a plane.

Though these levels are generally well within the healthy limits, limiting excessive exposure where possible is always beneficial. This is why we use the low-dose protocol for our imaging needs! We can get the same image quality with far less dose than standard imaging.

Planmeca ProFace

The Planmeca ProFace CBCT Imaging device is one of the industry’s best facial scanners. It uses 3D images and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to create a complete patient profile. This information can then be used as an interactive and highly effective tool for planning in the pre-operative stages. The imaging also identifies results and makes comparisons after the operation is complete.


Many people do not realize just how precisely balanced a person’s bite must be to be comfortable and functional. When it comes to implants, it is even more important to be able to accurately diagnose bite problems and determine how to address them most effectively.

Tekscan provides digital occlusal analysis, meaning it measures the level and timing of force on each tooth, as well as the overall stability of the bite. The Tekscan uses a very thin digital sensor that the patient bites into. Based on Tekscan’s data, the surgeon can precisely detect the bite issue without any guesswork previously needed. This reduces the number of office visits you might need for a perfect occlusion.

Safe and Comfortable Sedation Dentistry

Patient safety and comfort are our top priority that is why we utilize IV Sedation during the All-On-4 procedure, IV sedation helps patients feel at ease, as it minimizes any discomfort or anxiety associated with dental surgery.

Our IV sedation is administered by a certified highly trained medical or dental anesthesiologist who monitors the patient's vital signs to ensure safety throughout the entire surgery. This allows our dentist performing the surgery to work more efficiently while the patient remains in a comfortable and relaxed state. We offer moderate sedation for other surgeries like single implant procedures.