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Averaging Over 1,500 Dental Implants Per Year

Many dental practices offer dental implants. However, very few have dental professionals as highly skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly as Dr. Mounir Iskandar. In fact, Dr. Iskandar has some of the highest credentials found in the dental implant industry, and he performs each procedure from beginning to end in the same office. Not only does this cut down on costs, but it allows Dr. Iskandar to control the entire process.

Rarely will you find such a dental professional with the scientific and artistic skills as Dr. Iskandar combined with his genuine concern and commitment to his patients. Dr. Iskandar and our entire team are specially trained experts in dental implants, including All-on-4® and All-on-6 procedures.

Our dental implant practice invests in the success and health of our patients, and that includes ensuring your smile lasts a lifetime. That’s why Dr. Iskandar only uses the highest-quality materials and technology available in today’s marketplace.

How Radiance is Different

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Is the dentist a specialist in dental implants? Yes! Certified Surgical Prosthodontist & Diplomate of the International Implant Association, Dr. Mounir Iskandar, has performed hundreds of full mouth restorations and thousands upon thousands of individual implants. Dr. Iskandar trains other dentists nationwide on implants, including All- on-4® full-mouth restoration techniques in this ever-evolving industry. Other leading providers may or may not have performed thousands of procedures at their facilities. The doctor that started your procedure might not be the one who finishes it. Not to mention, there are new providers without a long track record of success in placing dental implants. In every industry, there's always someone willing to do it for less. But at what cost? You deserve Radiance!
Is there a high-tech lab onsite? Yes! Our dental lab specializes and is committed to combining artistry and technology in every piece fabricated. Every case has a name and a story. Other dentists may have an onsite lab or depend on a third-party outside lab that specializes on mass production. Every case is assigned a number.
Does the implant material feel like natural teeth? Yes! XircOn™ come with built-in shock absorbance features for greater comfort and durability. No. Leading providers offer monolithic zirconia, which is much harder and less flexible than your natural teeth, often causing discomfort. Alternatively, they may provide a prosthesis fabricated out of acrylic or PMMA material that may look natural, but it is not as durable, nor is it designed to last.
Are implants guaranteed for life? Yes! Rarely.
Is ultimate customization available? Yes, our premium XircOn™ package offers ultimate customization for teeth selection shade and shape. Rarely.
Do you offer IV Sedation for full mouth surgeries? Yes! A certified dental anesthesiologist committed to your safety and comfort will oversee the process. This way, Dr. Iskandar can focus his undivided attention on constructing a solid foundation on which to build a smile that will last a lifetime. Not always. In either case, you still want to ask who's actually performing the sedation. You deserve undivided attention. You deserve Radiance!
Is it a state-of-the-art facility? Yes! Our facility is the largest in the metroplex and the only one with onsite lab and onsite training conference center. We pamper our patients with amenities such as a coffee bar, Netflix and HBO in every room, and a recovery room fully supplied with refreshments for you and your escort to our facility. If you would like to find a nurse to look after you after your surgery, our front desk concierge service will be happy to help you! You will have to do your research to determine whether the facility is as sophisticated and advanced as Radiance.
Are there ultra-low radiation CT Scans? Yes! Our ultra-low dose CT scanner reduces radiation exposure by 77%. It depends on the center. Most offices will offer a CT scan, but very few have made the extra investment to purchase the ultra-low dose CT scanner.
Is there face-mapping technology? Yes! We use face-mapping technology to plan the perfect final smile and remove the guesswork. It depends on the center.
Do you use 3D dynamic navigation technology for implant placement? Yes, we utilize the revolutionary system called X-GUIDE for all our implant surgeries which offers more precise implant placement and faster healing, we are an awarded X-Guide Center for Excellence by X-Nav Technology. Rarely
Is the final product delivered in a day? Artistry and science can't be rushed, your new smile of a lifetime will be delivered within 4-5 months . However, rest assured your new temporary smile will be delivered in a day. Even before surgery, you will have a design meeting with our prosthodontist to design your future smile ensuring no unexpected surprises! Sometimes, but you put yourself at risk of less-than-adequate work. Some providers may attempt to expedite the process by using cookie-cutter methods and limiting your teeth shape and shade selections. Mass production is their ultimate goal.

Radiance Dentistry Dental Implant Center of DFW has the dental implant process down to an art form. Whether it’s an all-new smile with the premium brand XircOn™ 4-6 (All-on-Four®) procedure, or just a few implants to help keep your teeth at peak performance, we guarantee that we will give you the absolute best smile and care that you could ask for.