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We’re very thankful here at Radiance Dentistry Dental Implant Center of DFW that so many of our patients have taken the time to sing our praises online and let everyone know just how happy they were with our service and care. This not only motivates us, but it also lets people who could benefit from seeing us know that there is hope for their smiles.

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"It took me 15 hours to fly over here... I would do it again.... I am very happy with my decision, I don't regret anything, I would recommend anyone to do it!"

Katia, Actual Patient
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"Finding Dr. Iskander was life saving for wasn't challenging, it wasn't painful, it was just a great experience. I most appreciate the beautiful smile he gave me... it was just a great experienced, something I would do over again if I had to."

Laura, Actual Patient
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"This business has won me for life!!... Look no further! Radiance Dentistry is the Best Dental implant center across Texas! And definitely top 5 across the US!"

Ryan, Actual Patient
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"I finally found a Prosthodontist I could afford AND who gave me my smile back! I hate driving but will drive across town just for these guys!"

Karen, Actual Patient
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"This has truly been life changing for me... my face hurts now from smiling so much and that's all because of Dr. I. It has truly changed my life in so many ways. I have more confidence...this has given me my youth back."

Sheila, Actual Patient